Thank you again for inviting me to quote for this website.

I have reviewed both Opencart and WordPress and believe that it’s WordPress that will provide you with the best solution moving forward.

  • It will give greater flexibility in creating and implementing new content much faster than before.
  • WordPress offers a more contempory feel, against traditional.
  • With the site constantly updated, the site will be future proofed for some years.
  • The learning curve for you will be minimal as one of its biggest features is its usability.
  • I have a huge experience with WordPress! 7 years.

If you have any questions, I shall look forward to them. If you wish for me to get started I have out lined a project schedule and pricing below.



This website will be clean, modern and simple in it’s design and approach. WordPress offers the best in Content Management Solutions. The website will be Mobile and Table friendly by responding to the users individual devices and sizes of their screen.

This will also reflect in the way that users can purchase product by keeping the options easy to understand and select.

Help options will be easy to view and provide quick access to FAQ’s and of course the explainer videos where appropriate.

I also think from our meeting that some products could be rebranded for there uses rather than what they are. An example would be the Sticky Pads, and idea might be to (not exclusively) call them “Anti-Vibration Pads” or Non-Slip Sticky Pads.


WordPress CMS

WordPress is a state-of-the-art Content Management System for publishing professional websites with a focus on aesthetics, web standards, and usability.

WooCommerce Launched in 2011 has been a very popular plugin for WordPress users as it’s simple to use, is full of useable features and is continually developed.

Knowing both solutions I would suggest that WordPress is more designer friendly and can look more contemporary, where as Opencart is more traditional.

Again within the design and structure, WordPress makes it easy to update and keep fresh, and it wont take you too long to get to grips with adding content and products.

Some Key Features

  • Responsive design
  • Advanced SEO Features
  • Easy to navigate
  • Video Explainers
  • Large Animated Slider for homepage
  • Clean Dashboard Layout
  • E-commerce using WooCommerce
  • News Letter Software
  • Huge range of free and premium Plugins
  • Image editor
  • Media Library for files, images & video
  • Inclusive Blog/News section
  • Easy Menu Management
  • Multiple Payment Gatesways
  • Sales & Product Reporting


I will provide a live test site so we can:

  • Create and approve the design.
  • Test plugins
  • Test products

Once this has been done we can proceed to Building the live Website.

Maintenance / Support
A monthly maintenance and support price has been included for
Wordpress CMS, theme and plugin software. Daily backups.
Active Website Security
Complete Website Security for Your Website
Including AntiVirus + Website Firewall

Generating Newsletters

Sending out add hock newsletters is easy. You simply create a new newsletter, add your pictures, content, this can be added manually or pulled in from your website’s blog.

You can import as many mailing lists as you like, so when you create a newsletter simply tick which ones you which ones you wish to use.

You can even use your blog to generate newsletters automatically and let mailpoet send them out for you, any time, weekly, monthly etc.

I would design all the headers and footers you need, so you can create any style you like.

Video Explainers.

As I mentioned I thinks these would always work because users are more likely to watch a quick video than search for text somewhere on your website to find the answer to a question. They are more transportable and social and can be posted to Youtube.

I have researched a number of companies that specialise in animated videos and thier portfolios, I have focused on ones based in Milton Keynes, this way I feel communication of the content can be presentented face to face. I have chosen a company that I would like you to meet.

Introducing Savah App from Savah on Vimeo.

Google Product Feed

Currently this will allow your products to appear in Google’s product search. However please note that Google are currently transitioning Google product search to Google Shopping. In order to appear in Google Shopping store owners will have to submit a compatible feed to Google Merchant Centre and also purchase Product Ads for their products.

The extension allows you to control which data is added to your Google Merchant Centre feed explicitly. You can also set store-wide defaults against the store, specific categories or provide information on specific product pages.

You will need a Google Merchant Center account to use this plugin.

This extension is compatible with the CSV Import Suite extension should you wish to bulk import product data.

E-commerce from Woo


  • Built for WordPress: WooCommerce is built to integrate seamlessly with WordPress, making it the obvious eCommerce choice for existing WordPress users and connecting you to the fast-growing WordPress ecosystem.
  • Sell anything, anywhere: From real products and digital downloads to subscriptions, content and even your time, you’ll be able to set up a WooCommerce store to sell worldwide (or by country, as you wish).
  • Mobile friendly: WooCommerce is designed to ensure your store and products look as good on a desktop computer as they do on your customers mobile phones. You can even turn your existing WooCommerce store into a mobile app with no custom coding by using a few third party tools/services.
  • Scalability: WooCommerce can scale with you as you grow your business. From selling one product to thousands, and from your first order to your millionth, WooCommerce will be able to scale and ride the wave with you.
  • Own your data: Keeping your data independent of any third party software platform gives you complete control of your business and future. It’s also a safer experience for your customers, as the only person they share their personal information with is you.
  • Secure code: WooCommerce is audited by Sucuri, the industry leader in plugin security, to ensure that it adheres to WordPress best practices and coding standards, and is kept secure and up-to-date.
  • Worldwide community: With more than 350 contributors to WooCommerce and over 7 million downloads to date, you’ll be joining one of the fastest-growing open source communities on the web.
  • Open source: WooCommerce is 100% open source which allows you to benefit from an active and growing community of contributors. With WooCommerce meetups taking place around the world now you can meet fellow WooCommerce users in real life.


  • Shipping Calculations: Enable shipping option choices within your store.
  • Cart Calculator: You can enable a shipping calculator on the cart page.
  • Shipping prices: Optionally hide shipping costs until an address is entered.
  • Flexible shipping destinations: Select from shipping address and billing address or only ship to users billing address.
  • Restrict sales: Restrict shipping locations by country.
  • Multiple Shipping Methods: Flat rate, International Shipping, Local delivery, Local pickup or Automatic which chooses the cheapest method available. Or even offer free shipping.


  • Reporting: Sales reports can show both net and gross amounts you’ve earned. We’ve added a print stylesheet, and added extra data on refunds to reports.
  • Dashboard: We’ve worked hard to make the storeowner dashboard helpful. It includes sales orders, traffic and an at-a-glance status summary window.
  • Analyse products and orders: Gain insight into your products and orders. Track sales and growth trends.
Wordpress Admin Area Screen shots

Pricing List

Website design and Production – £6,000

Anti virus & Firewall security software – £200pa

Mailpoet Software (Free) upto 2000 subcribers or unlimited for £75pa

2 days Photography and editing – £450pd

Video: I am estimating a budget of:  £950 – £1700 per video.

Payment terms: 50% deposit to be paid prior to any work starting. Balance due on website going live or completion.

Monthly Management & Support: £85pm
including all CMS, Theme and plugin software updates

Hosting plan remains the same.


Proposed plan:

  1. Setup test site and start building! – Immediatley.
  2. Photography is organised and started.
  3. Organise meeting to explore Explainer Video content so we can come up with an accurate price and scope of the project. – I will liase dates for everyone.
  4. Test site is ready to present – 1 weeks.
  5. Test site is tested – 1 week
  6. Start Building live site – 1 week
  7. Final Testing – 1 week
  8. Go Live.